Why does my ex weave in and out of my life?

Five years ago, my ex and I dated for a staggering 6 months before he called it quits. I was heartbroken and embarrassed about the break up but eventually we moved on from each other. There was no contact for 3 years until I happen to run into him at a local bar. There, he introduced me to some of his friends. I noticed when he introduced me, he said "THIS!! is Kelly" as if I was the one he always talked about to them. He jotted down my number, I went on and danced the night away with my girlfriends. He watched me the entire night I might add.
A few months later, he invited me to a Christmas party he was having. I didn't attend because I had plans with my then boyfriend.
Fast forward to two months later, I get a text from him saying he wanted to see me. I was out of the country but I still engaged in the conversation because I was newly single. He hinted at missing me but never fully came out and said he did. We ended up hooking up months later but it was nothing exciting. It actually tainted the way I felt about him because it was the same sex we've had but there were no emotions involved. It was a truly empty experience. Afterwards, we didn't talk for another 2 years up until recently.

A few months ago he started following me on Instagram. I didn't put much thought into it since I no longer have feelings for him. He started to comment on some photos and even put the 😍 under some of the photos. Is he still interested in me? Or do you think he just is interested in sex? It's hard to read him because he is so hot and cold. When he broke up with me, we never talked about it. We just left everything as is. Please help :(


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  • He is like this Faulty faucet with his 'Hot and Cold' And imagine for you, it's getting Real... Old. Time to Turn his Lights out.
    He is Not into a Real Relationship, He has this Full Circle Problem Pattern of Here today and Gone Tomorrow, Bringing you nothing but Heartache and Sorrow.
    He wants you in his life at his own Convenience, He calls the Hot Shots, and Yes, Most probably 'Interested in sex' is Mainly his Main Drain which with a guy like this, Who always is Pulling on your your Heart Strings, he is Very... Draining.
    Take my own Advice And... Leave everything as it is. Find someone else Who is Worth more Energy.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It's sex only. You're nothing but a backup


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