Anyone broke up with a bf/gf eventually have sex with them again and sometime down the road start the relationship again?

I know never sleep with an ex but it happens more than people like to say. has anyone ever broken up with their S/O and sometime after wind up having sex and then at some point rekindle rhe relationship? I have hope for me and mine, but I am not holding my breath too much. In my heart I feel like we are not completly over. When you know there's no chance you know and I dont feel that. He was going through a hard time with no job and closed himself off for awhile. After that time he broke up with me saying we werent connecting and he didn't feel what he thought he should. i think it was his thoughts and emotions that got to him during his time he closed off. We were so good and happy together. he always said I was amazing and then one day poof this happened. Since breakup he has contacted me every week and more than once aince. He has been initiating since the week after we broke up. Seeing how I am doing and what I am up to etc. We joke around and what not. I did wind up having sex with him 2x. Amazing I might add and slept over which If it was a booty call i wouldn't see me doing that. He also never fully came out and said lets have sex but who knows. Im not sure if there is hope for us but I guess I just have to voice my own feeling toward him and see where he stands because it doesn't feel like its over and maybe he just needs to figure things out with job and what notconsidering he is now working but its a temp job until his summer job starts and then September comes along I think he's out of a job again.


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  • I have had a similar experience.

    I was married to my ex for 4 years. The first 3 years were good and then things went downhill. March 2012, she said she wanted a divorce, not happy being married. her adult daughter was trying to come between us. April, she changed her mind. June, she wanted a divorce; July, no divorce. She changed her mind 7 times. The last time, I told her that I would move out and do everything I could to facilitate a quick divorce. In the meanwhile, we continued to sleep in the same bed, but no sex. I was still in love with her, but if she doesn't want me. . . there is no marriage.

    One December night, it was particularly cold and she got in bed shivering. I spooned up behind her to warm her up. She started responding to my touch and before long we were making very passionate love. Afterwards, she confided in me and talked as she had not done in many months. I went to sleep thinking that we were finally on the path to reconciling our differences.

    When I woke up the next morning, she told me that she still wanted the divorce. I moved out on January 6. The divorce was final on March 3.


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