What can I do if she is completely ignoring me?

We broke up last month, weve been dating for 7months, now she blew me off because she thought i was testing her if she was being faithful to me on a fake facebook, which i would never do that crap.. Anyways i asked her to block me on whatsapp and on snapchat. But she said no. So now that i put stuff on snapchat she always sees my stories.. I've been showing her signs that i still love her but there's no message from her. I found out she was on dating sites when we were together that completely broken up my heart, still forgave her even tho i didn't told nothing about that, i maned up to forget about it.. I promised her marriage and also to be her little daughters dad and hero.. I told her i was gonna move out to go live over there with her.. But know she blew me off saying that i ruined her illusions that she had with me.. And also she stated that guys like me are completely waste of time.. Which she didn't even do anything.. Im the one who tried and did everything possible to make it work and also i wasted tons of money for gifts and send some money to her sister in centralized America cause her baby daughter was sick with a virus. So i said thank you for trusting me and i told her ill send her money fast as I can so i did and thank god her sisters daughter is doing great.. I just wonder if she really wants me out of her life and forget about me.!! Please help me understand and also she is my first girlfriend in a long distance relationship from orange county to San Francisco in California..


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  • You stop trying to contact her dumbass. It's so cringe beyond belief that a guy will literally get his ego thrown at the door by a girl and still chase after her. You have already conveyed to her that you a guy who has no value. She will despise you even more if you keep trying to contact you. Have some respect for yourself and stop acting like such a needy pansy. Fck man.. people piss me off on this website.

    • You just talk to talk if you were in my shoes you'll be the same u fucktard

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    • When my ex left me she blocked me from everything. I left all of our mutual friends. She didn't do it because she hated me she did it because you can't move on if you are still in contact. Don't take her blocking you as a direct attack. I don't plan to ever be friends with her because it would never work out. We are either dating or it's nothing. For me to settle on a friendship would be prostituting my feelings. I would be disrespecting myself by doing that. THat is saying.. "Oh I don't want you as a boyfriend but you can be friend" No.. you want more than that you settle for nothing less. Being friends with an ex is stupid and it would only hurt your more. She's done dude.. get the thought of being together out of her head. The way you already acted she probabaly will not come back to you and you need to accept that. The sooner you do that the sooner you move on. this literally happens to EVERY man in his life at least once.

    • Mo bro she didn't block me at all the thing is i told her her to do so but she said no. And a week passed by and she added me on snapchat when we broke up i deleted her and out pf the blue she re'aded me lol..

  • What you can do and should do is to move on

    • And yea your right, i just gotta find a way just dont know how if i still care for her

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