Getting over a break up?

So I just recently asked the question, should I stay or separate with my boyfriend of 2 years. And with everyone's help I've decided that it is best for me to separate. So I am. But I gave up all my friends, and now I'm alone. I'm afraid to go crawling back to my old close friends because I feel like they think I stabbed them in the back. But really I gave them all up to make a boy trust me. How do I start regaining my friends? And make new ones? I haven't had a true friend other than my ex for almost 6 months! Please help. And I keep getting urges to text him or call him, how do I make this feeling go away? How do I start fresh and regain my social life and be happy? I'm so stuck in a world of control I don't remember what it's like to be free, and be myself. Any advice will help me thank you


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What Guys Said 2

  • well if your friends are as smart as most of the people saying break up with the guy they will understand plus they will help you with getting over the guy he has no right hearing from you. he is below your pay grade in my opinion.

  • Just be friendly
    Find awesome people anywhere and be friends with them
    Enjoy and have fun
    Be yourself
    And you'll rock
    by the way you did great leaving him if you can't be yourself in front of him


What Girls Said 1

  • Explain to them why you ditched them, apologies and be prepared for every outcome. If they don't want you around anymore start joining clubs to help ou meet new people.


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