Getting over a break up?

So I just recently asked the question, should I stay or separate with my boyfriend of 2 years. And with everyone's help I've decided that it is best for me to separate. So I am. But I gave up all my friends, and now I'm alone. I'm afraid to go crawling back to my old close friends because I feel like they think I stabbed them in the back. But really I gave them all up to make a boy trust me. How do I start regaining my friends? And make new ones? I haven't had a true friend other than my ex for almost 6 months! Please help. And I keep getting urges to text him or call him, how do I make this feeling go away? How do I start fresh and regain my social life and be happy? I'm so stuck in a world of control I don't remember what it's like to be free, and be myself. Any advice will help me thank you
Getting over a break up?
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