Why won't my ex change his fb status?

We broke up in December. He got a girlfriend a week later after we broke up. Since then he doesn't mention her or post stuff about them. He still has everything about us on Fb like pics and posts. I know he's on there all the time cause my friend has him for a friend, and he still has all my family members as his friends. The only one he removed is me from his friends list. Not even his girlfriend is on there. He use to come and visit our daughter, but he recently moved back to his hometown and not even then did he bring her around. He would just park her car on the other side of the building and walk over. What was that all about?


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  • It's quite Obvious here, dear, the Ex has not moved on and probably will Not for a long time to come. You both share a daughter and with This, It is Harder to even be in a Real Relationship with a few skeletons in his closet.
    He has his own Life with his own business on FB, Which explains a lot about his Past, and doesn't want the newbie on there to take up any of his own Space nor get in his Face. It's a Privacy thing.
    As far as the 'Park her car on the other side of the building,' This is for your Benefit so he doesn't have to Explain anything about the Present... Again, a Privacy issue.
    It seems he has two Lives.. The Past and the Present. I also feel he still has feelings for you and she could just be a Rebound Rebeca.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence... Have a great weekend!! xxoo

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  • Either they've broken up, she doesn't know about your daughter or he just doesn't want to get her involved yet


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