Is it normal after a breakup?

So I just broke up with the love of my life, And tonight she was with some other dude. Is it normal to immediately hook up with someone after a three-year relationship? I feel hurt and frustrated.


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  • To be honest it's not a rare case, i'm sorry you feel hurt. But look at it this way, maybe it's just a rebound girl. OR If he's been seeing her whilst you two were dating then you just dodged a bullet. That guy's not a keeper.

    I know it still hurts though. Hang tough, okay.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It could be she Already knew this dude before Your... Breakup.
    It is something to Consider, For it does seem rather Strange that after Much His and Her history, She would 'Immediately hook up with someone'...
    No matter what, I Feel any Deal right now is just a Rebound she has Found.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Maybe that's how she deals with it. What does it matter? Live your own life not someone else's.


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  • am sorry you're going through that
    she did that in an attempt to try and "forget" in order to feel "better"... even ifs its a relationship she just got into.. its just a rebound one i. e; she's just gripping on to someone to fill out that emptiness left after the breakup
    hope you feel better soon


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