Problem with me ex?

So my ex broke up with me last week. She told me she only saw me as a friend and that we are better off being just friends because being friends, she's not obligated to keep me happy etc. Instead of trying to talk it out I just got mad at her. So after blowing up her phone for a few days, we talked and she said she doesn't want a relationship with me and she DID have feelings for me and not anymore. i told her I know I messed up when I got mad instead of working it out with her the day she broke up with me. I should of talked about it and come up with a resolution with her but instead I stormed out and left. Everything has been going downhill and I proposed that she gives me a chance to love her again and if she says no, I won't get mad and I'll stay away from now on. But instead she won't give me answer, won't even tell me if she considers it or not. I don't know what to do I don't want to wait around and continue feeling this way if she doesn't even consider it. Any insights or comments would be helpful. Thank you.


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  • Why did she suddenly want to break up? Her feeling worn out? I say leave it be. You said your piece you talked and if she won't respond then forget her live life happier move on find someone else who will share life with you it's not worth it your young


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