Girls, I'm meeting my ex in a couple of days, but I know she's talking to somebody else - ADVICE?

I initiated the break-up five months ago, but I couldn't stop thinking about her. I found out she started talking to this other guy in the five months where we didn't speak. She even tried to meet up with him, but he somehow always either cancelled or didn't show up.

Anyways, I reached out to her a couple of days ago, saying that I'd like to talk to her and if she had time to meet up. She immediately replied "Hey, I'm free at the end of this week if you have time then we could meet up."

Bonus info: We have a mutual friend, a girl, and she called me telling me she just spoke to my ex who called her immediately after receiving my text and asked her what to text back. Both me and our mutual friend saw this as a sign that she's not over me.

Well, I'm prepared to meet up with her, but I don't know if I should act cool, tell her I want her back on the spot or something completely else. Also, should I see this other guy as a threat or should I just ignore him? They haven't met yet.



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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't make up and that it's Good-bye, forever, my love. And with an Ex, Who still wears an X in your own Softie spot here, dear, There may come a time down the Love line Where... But I don't know.
    Go Slow with her Flow, Do not wear your hear on your own Sleeve, Should she decide to leave.
    You know what you are up against, Yes, You have some Competition, And Although I want to say "May the Best man Win," I do not see Anyone as a Winner in my own Eye with any Guy.
    She is Contented to be her own Free bird right now, And of course, The His and Her History that yu both shared Counts for something. But this newbie is a Rebound, That I am pretty sure of, And Wants her Sweet cake and eat it Two by being with Both Of... You. She is not Hooked at the Hip anymore.
    If you feel it is going to be a Full Circle Problem Pattern with not just Him, But maybe Another, Stay home and Pass on the Meet and Greet.
    However, Many guys May like a good Fight to see Who is Really Best from the Rest.
    Good luck and Your choice. xx

  • I think you have a chance since she hasn't even met this guy and he is just disappointing her so far. She can't have strong feelings if they haven't even met yet. I am sure she will easily go back to someone actually showing her interest and will hang out with her... if she still have feelings. Also, since you broke up with her she might have always wanted you back. I say meet up and don't beat around the bush, what is the point of that anyways, tell her why you are there and put it out there. She might come across as hesitant since you hurt her once before, but just apologize and explain what happened before and that you regret it and won't do it again.

  • Why did you even break up?


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