How do I regain my ex's interest? :( please help

he broke up with me Thursday because we got into an argument , apparently he was going through something personal at home and I was adding on stress. we been together for year & months (on & off] I really want him back & I need him back , I miss him so much , I saw him in school today (Friday] & he just looked at me & I just walked away . he told me he still wants me in his life. what should I do ? should I text him and tell him I miss him & I want him in my life ? or should I play it off :(


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  • First thing, you don't need him in your life. You want him there very much, but you don't need him back. Don't fall into that trap of feeling that you need someone. Now, if he said that he still wants you in his life, then I think that really answers your question. If he said that he still wants you, then go talk to him or text him, or whatever. Don't play it off because that can come off as you just playing games and backfire on you. So go, go talk to him and patch things up.

  • If he is legitimate in saying he still wants you in his life, then you two simply need to communicate and EXPRESS your feelings. I don't know of the specific problems you two and his family had/have but find out what was stressing him in your relationship with him to take some of the load off his shoulders. Like Professor Zoom said, you don't NEED someone or TRY to regain someone's interest ;) ya just let it happen.

    • Well how do we communicate because we are not talking to each other . should I text him and say that we can be friends ?

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