Does this mean a man doesn't love you?

If a guy breaks up with you and comes back months or years down does that mean he doesn't love you?
i was reading on an astrology forum about Cancer men and how they are more emotional and moody than other signs. Some woman was happy bevause Her cancer ex came back after 8 months!
another user said that if he loved you he wouldn't have broken up with you! You don't let go what you love! He came for sexx
is that true? If a man break up does that mean he doesn't love you?
i don't get it because when you break up with someone you know there is a chance another guy will take her,,, why risk that if you actually loved her?


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  • So umm astrology is nonsense, never use that to try to figure out a man. If a man breaks up and comes back just for sex, I am sorry you are a booty call... If I break up with someone it doesn't mean that I don't care for them, it just means something has happened to cause me to not want to be there any more.

    • Thanks! what if he doesn't come back for sex. Whats that mean?

    • It could mean that he still interested. I don't know that for sure, though I would need to know more details about your situation? What caused the breakup things like that.

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  • It depends on why he broke up with you. I believe if someone loves you... they'll never leave, or if due to circumstances they had no choice but to leave , then they'll eventually find their way back to you.

    I'd never go back to an ex. Life's meant to be travelled forwards, not backwards. I could never get back the feelings for an ex that I had before so it would be futile to try again. I couldn't be happy with him again.


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  • It means it didn't work out with someone he wanted more so he came back to you.

  • I don't know. I'd like to think that sometimes it just takes a guy to realize how great the girl is.

    • Takes a guy a while*

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