Help Me! My Ex Is Compltely Ignoring Me?

So exactly one month ago, me and my ex boyfriend broke up. We dated almost 3 years. He kept accusing me of being a liar and a cheater so I couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him. This isn't the first time we've broke up. We've had some pretty terrible fights in the past so this one is no where near as bad as those breakups. Well I called him a lot that same night we broke up and he just ignored my phone calls. Well about a week ago in church we had no contact since the break up but he came up and gave me a firm hug while I was standing in front of the church. (I re-dedicated my life) He told me that was the best news he had heard in a very long time. So time went on and once again last night after church I tried calling him. And he still ignored my phone call (s). I called 6 times. Too much I know! But for the past month or two before the breakup he kept saying he wanted to marry me. I'm the one he wanted to spend his life with. And he wanted to have kids with me that way he knew I'd always be in his life. People in my church said he just looks miserable and I handle my heartache fairly well. Do you guys believe it's over for good? What should I do? I could really use some advice! I love this man to death but things were just really rocky to stay any longer in that relationship.
Help Me! My Ex Is Compltely Ignoring Me?
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