What do I do? Help, please?

So my ex was lying the whole time why he was breaking up with me and I figured he was messing with some girl but he kept denying the whole thing. He took pictures with her at a club we usually and I saw them on the club site while browsing pics and saw them. How do I deal with it hurts because he isn't the person I thought he was? Even with the things he posts on his fb he started posting a lot of things like one minute being the player, the next he claims he wasted time with me, to him telling me before that he doesn't want to have any serious relationship at all anymore but I strongly feel like he is trying to have a serious relationship with that girl. What do you all think about his intentions? And how can I get over this and move on and show him that I don't care for him anymore?
What do I do? Help, please?
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