What do I do? Help, please?

So my ex was lying the whole time why he was breaking up with me and I figured he was messing with some girl but he kept denying the whole thing. He took pictures with her at a club we usually and I saw them on the club site while browsing pics and saw them. How do I deal with it hurts because he isn't the person I thought he was? Even with the things he posts on his fb he started posting a lot of things like one minute being the player, the next he claims he wasted time with me, to him telling me before that he doesn't want to have any serious relationship at all anymore but I strongly feel like he is trying to have a serious relationship with that girl. What do you all think about his intentions? And how can I get over this and move on and show him that I don't care for him anymore?


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  • Just do what anyone else does, think "yuck, I can't believe I got with that person, grooooooooss!" Then have a shower while scrubbing yourself with wire wool to get rid of any residue of said person, emerge from the shower cleansed and reborn and ready to find someone else! lol

    • Lol thanks :) I really don't have any idea what to do because he's my one and only and it's really hard for me... and I just dont want to make any mistakes by doing something I shouldn't..

    • That's understandable. You'll learn there's good people and bad people do date, sometimes you fuck up and choose a wrong'un, I think people go wrong a lot of the time because they're in denial, they want the other person to be better than they really are. Anyway take some downtime before jumping into another thing, you don't have to be in a relationship for validation.

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate it especially with my head not being in the right place right now :)

  • He's an ex. Just feel glad that you got out. He did you a favor for real. You really think that what he did to you he wont' do to her? Trust me, he will. You get out easy.

    • I don't know he's posting stuff on Facebook that he wants someone that won't waste his time and we've been together for 8 years and he even proposed to me... What if he decides to commit to her... :(

    • Then that means there is someone else out there for you. He sounds like an asshole. I mean, I'm 26, and I stopped posting about my relationship issues... well, actually, I never posted about my relationship issues. Dude has got a butt load of maturing to do if you ask me.

    • Thank you so much you make me feel better knowing you're a 26 yr old guy and you can tell me this I can't thank you enough..

  • Forget that shit... my ex left me for a stupid 18 year old and he's 28 he lied to everyone saying she's his cousin

    • Omg sorry to hear that and thank you for your post

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