Why does he barely talk to me even though he still loves me?

My ex doesn't know that I still have feelings for him, but I was told by a mutual friend that he still has feelings for me. I've tried talking to him through text twice now, but after a little while he just stops replying.

My friend said maybe he's scared, but if that's the case, then what do I do? Should I just be blunt with him and tell him how I feel?


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  • How long ago did you break up and how long were you two together?

    • We broke up in August and we were together for 8 months

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    • A couple of weeks ago. Apparently he also said that he hasn't been able to move on since we broke up

    • Eh, something sounds off; usually there's a point between the moving on phase where people try to grasp back against the process and "wish for their past partner" but that doesn't last long. It's why "getting back together" doesn't last long; a part of letting go is also striving to not let go.

      I would think if it were truly difficult it wouldn't manifest so recently and it would manifest more consistently.

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  • Maybe he still loves you, but is distancing himself because he wants to move on from you. People can't just switch off their feelings after a breakup. That comes in time. Still being in love doesn't necessarily mean someone want to go back to you and try again.

    You could tell him how you feel then that way you'll know where you stand with him. You could risk being hurt though.


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