I want one last chance with the mother of my children?

My ex broke up with me because I have this issue with chatting with other girls. I realize my problems and I am finally seeking help. She kicked me out of the house. We were together for 7 years and have two kids. It's been a month and I want to fix things with her but it seems like I get no where with her. She says she is fine with the break up and is happy about the decision but is stressed about bills but has a piece of mind, but I see in her eyes and experissions that it's different. We were meant to be together we made a great team hardly fought besides little things and my needing to talk to others. I am at a loss here I'm trying to be better and change for the better I sent her a heart felt apology saying that no matter what it takes I'm going to make it right. I see her on a daily basis because of the kids. She says things like if we get back together you won't have friends for a while nor would I trust you or if we work on things you won't move back right away, but than I get a cold shoulder. How can I get my foot in the door to make things right. I'm changing for the better and I want her to see that and trust me that I truly want this. I'm a great guy but I have issues that I'm working on. When I tell her that I want to get married and have another baby like we had talked about she says it's a nice idea but doesn't know anymore.. Please help me I don't want to lose her forever. I know I'll get a lot of bad comments but I hope there are some good ones in there
I want one last chance with the mother of my children?
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