Ex contacted me to wish me happy birthday?

So I was going out with this girl for 9 months, felt really attracted to her and I can say I loved and still do. In general we had a great and happy relationship. Just this passed month we've been arguing more and more and things seemed to be getting downhill. We decided to break things off mutually (I felt she had doubts about us and felt I had to let go). She then said the day we broke up that "we were incompatible".

We've been broken up for 2 weeks now, I kept no contact for healing purposes cause I'll admit, it hurt me.

Last Friday she sent me a playful text of an inside joke we had, I replied but nothing too serious. Although I want her back I didn't pursue any further conversation. Today is my birthday and she sent me a text to wish me happy birthday (ok cool, no biggy) but she also said in the message "that she was thinking a lot about me". So I kindly replied "thanks for the though! 😊 I hope things are going well" and that was it. She replied with a message that (which I think did not need a reply) said I hope you enjoy your day.

My question is, should I tell her that I think about her too? Or should I leave it be and take it as a kind birthday wish from her part?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated 😊

Ex contacted me to wish me happy birthday?
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