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any tips on moving on from a long term relationship? I been really sad bout things, but now I ready to take a step forward... life is to short to be sad over something that's done and dusted... so any tips on dating and meeting new boyfriends after being in an 8 year relationship?


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  • Hey you, I so know where your coming from, my ex broke up with me at the beginning of Feb last year and it tore my heart apart, I was with him for over 8 years and really thought it was for ever. It took me over 10months to get over him and I'll be honest I never thought I'd be happy again and never ever thought I'd meet someone new...then guess what happened when I least expected it absolutely incredible man came along and treated me like a princess and it was then that I realised my ex did me the biggest favour ever by splitting up with me cause I wouldn't have met this guy. I realised that my ex didn't make me happy...however much he hurt me to the point where I felt like giving up...he's actually made me stronger.

    What I'm trying to say is that one day when you least expect it someone will whisk you away and make you far happier than you can imagine. The trouble is most people never really move on from past realtionships it's all to do with learning from them x x

    • Thank you so much I really do hope that happens for me :) :) I'm so happy for you, I am moving forward now and no looking back to that old relationship... thank you and I have learned from that one to, to have a little more self respect x x

    • You have to believe that one day it will happen for you. You will realise when you meet that man that does so much for you and makes you feel amazing that your past relationship was wrong. I was in a long term relationship and we were only together because of that cause we did not make each other happy. There's no need to be nervous about meeting this man, On my first date with my new man I was nervous for about 10minutes and then we clicked and it was great. good luck x

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  • Gurl, @ first its hard, because I was just like you in a 8 1/2 year relationship and we ended it but still remain friends and it took my some time to get over him, just to realize I was never over him, I know this post ain't much help but I still haven't gotten over my ex, but I have moved date, you get to know people, you focus on yourself and bettering you, and something good will happen...

    • Thanks for your answer :) yes can't wait to start meeting new people, but I'm nervous!!!!! don't think I'll ever get over him fully but I'l move on cos I have to...

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