Guys! Why do you back off in a situation like that?

Imagine:we know each other for half a year.The guy then has a girlfriend and that's why we are only friends.Then the girl starts to like the guy more than a friend and he knows it.He starts to tell her a lot of compliments,always look at her,smiles a lot.He doesn't care about the fact that people start to tell gossips that the girl is in love with him like crazy(remember-he still has a girlfriend) and if he has a chance,he always uses opportunity to talk to her(he respects her opinion a lot).

After some time he makes this girl to understand that now he is single because recently he has broken up with his the moment when the girl reveals him that she would like to have a chance with him,he backs off...why?

and if I tell that his best friend is this girl's ex boyfriend still half a year ago...


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  • Because he just broke up with his girlfriend, and because fantasy should stay fantasy. It's flattering to think "Oh, s/he likes me!" and dream it up, it's scary to realize "Oh, s/he likes me..." and realize how badly a good friendship could turn out.

    • How does that effect your situation exactly?

    • So-you want to say that guys don't care about getting together with the best friend's ex girlfriend??because I would start to feel somehow quite offended- ''my best friend considering getting together with my ex boyfriend....??''at least -after 4 months since we broke up!

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  • call him and ask him out on a date... if he refuses then you may have to accept the fact that he wants you as a freind and nothing else. sure he broke up with his girlfreind but that doesn't mean it was becouse he wanted someone else...

    my advice, when your interested or in dout just ask them out and you'll get your answer... just be ready for the wrong answer..:)


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