Used by ex, Can I tell him how it makes me feel, I just need to get it out in the open?

So ex boyfriend broke up with me a month ago for him not feeling like we connecting and him not feeling what he thinks he should. His fault I think he closed everyone out for about a month when he was stressed for not having jobs. Anyway since breakup i saw him twice. he not the type of guy to use someone and do those things. He is a great guy and I dont want to think that but I know it happened. Anyway we had sex 2 weeks after break up and then he asked to hang this past Sunday and we wound up doing it again. Both time I slept over. He was the one to initiate contact after breakup. He started texting once a eek and then more than once a week. Now this past time we had sex and now I have not talked to him since. Can I tell him how it makes me mad and how I still feel and feel that he's doing this to me. I feel like I just need to get it out in the open and thats it. Although I do love him and want him back I know if he wanted it it would have happened so it is what it is. So i am asking is it dumb to tell him how this is all making me feel?


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  • no it isn't be open and up front with the guy, playing around with words instead of jsut telling him will confuse the hell out of him and make it worse for you if he wants more not understanding what it is your giving him emotionally, not sexually. though most teens dont get that. there has to be a talking point so there won't be any mixed signals.

    • The thing is we were great together before the break up on every level and we saw each other together for awhile. He told me it was nothing I did or did not do and it was all what he was thinking. I don't know if he would ever want a relationship with me again but I would want another, but its not up to me. I have to tell him this is how I still feel but I can't continue to just have sex with you when he wants to hang. Its really either try and work it out or nothing because this hurts if he truly is using me like people saay

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    • yeah, I will i will ask him waht he is thinking and why he thinks he can jsut do this without continuing our relationship. I am sure he knows I love him as I expressed that to him already

    • thats good you did but until he can explain it , you can't really know why he does because he might be thinking something 100% different from you and he thinks its ok because you have not talked to him about it.

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  • You made a wrong decision by going back to him in the first place and having sexual intercourse with him. Now it just seems as if you were just his sex buddy and he only wanted to link up with you also got in touch with you just for pleasure knowing that he probably had 100% guarantee that you would've gave him what he wanted. Telling him how you feel isn't going to change the situation because again you guys aren't together and you telling him your feelings he can acknowledge you then suddenly use you for sex again till he wares you out of feeling the way you're feeling then drop you for good.

    • I know, It just sort of happened. I am going to tell him and tell him that it hurts me and either he can have all of me or none of me at all.

  • Not at all. Its dumb not to tell him in my opinion


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