I need help something been on my mind lately please help me?

Me and my boyfriend always would argue but ill always be the one to talk back to him like ill let 2 or 3 days go by and talk to him again but im tired of it and i always felt like he gets happy when i come back he go to buying me stuff he knows i like and hugging me and so happy we back talking but i dont get it how if i dont talk to him again he won't talk to me but why be happy and do all these things when i come back and say you miss me? But this time we had a bigger argument and i just felt like it was time i stop going back but i felt like he so used to me coming back so he didn't care to try talking about it he just dropped me home not saying nothing. But its been a week I've been doing good haven't gone back yet and dont plan on going back and he haven't texted or call im used to that but thought maybe if he seen that 2 or 3 days pass by and i still haven't called or text he would realize im serious this time but i just wonder if he cares do you guys think he miss me? Or moved on? Or ever cared? Or will ever write me or sumthing? Like why dont he ever come back? He only did once.


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  • I didn't read what you wrote but only wanted to point out that your lack of punctuation and sentence structure is an abomination to the English language.

    • If your dumb ass didn't read what i wrote then how you know my lack of grammer sucks? Go eat shit.

    • I didn't say your grammar sucked. I said your lack of punctuation and sentence structuring sucked. But now that I skimmed through it, you're right, some of your grammar sucks as well.

    • Okay miserable person

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  • It's your dynamic. Maybe he's the one who always clean the dishes or kills the spiders or whatever. You each have things that are yours. It seems like talking first after a fight is your thing. Sure, you have the right to be pissed, but you have a choice. Either you get over it and talk to him again or you take the chance of losing him in exchange for keeping your pride. So pride or relationship?

  • He is prideful & doesn't want u to think he needs u but he does want u.

  • He could be arrogant or prideful or both or just plain old used to flow of things with u.. if ur tired than move on & stop going back & forth to him it will make him think u need him when he clearly shows u he doesn't need u but i think he does care deep 👇... arguing only leads to more arguing/ anger/ & division which leads to separation utimately... find a guy that actually complements u but it also could be that u have some things u need to change or u could keep getting the same result in all your relationships I don't know only u know u and only he knows him thats the one u should ask your question too. GoodLuck!*


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