What do you think is harder, leaving someone or being left?

And I'm not talking about a break up when someone just doesn't want to be with someone else anymore. I'm talking about when a person you love moves away (on good terms, of course). In a relationship, friendship, family, whatever the case may be.

On one hand, it's hard for the person who is leaving because they KNOW that leaving is causing the one they love incredible pain. They're the people who have to tell the other person the breaking news, the hard news, the painful news. They have to watch as the other person's heart is being broken. But that only lasts so long until they actually leave...

And then on the other hand, you have the person who is being left. They're being told this news, and in most cases, they're completely blindsided and shocked at what they're hearing. All of a sudden they're hearing that this person they love will be torn away from them. So you make the most of the time left with them until they leave, while also hiding your pain you really feel. Then that person leaves, and you have to live life for a while with a huge feeling of emptiness. There's a hole in the world now where that person used to be. Your environment is just one huge memory of them, and you can't escape it unless you move too...or move on and get over it.

If you couldn't tell, I strongly believe it's harder for someone to be left. Mostly for one reason: the person who is leaving is going to a new place and a new environment with new people, about to make new memories. Sure, they'll remember you in their mind and no doubt miss you, but it's easier for them to move on. They're surrounded by...newness. But when you're being left, you stay where you are. Except now, you're one person short. The person you loved who was a part of your everyday is gone, and like I said...emptiness. Memories surround you, flashbacks come back to, and etc. It's harder.

What do you guys think? I didn't intend on this being very long, but as you can see...hah. I would love to know your opinion. Explain your reasoning too! Which one is harder, and which person have you been before (or both)?

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  • Probably leaving someone, since you have the fear of the unknown to deal with.


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  • I think I being left is harder. Although it really depends on the situation.


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