My boyfriend broke up with me and I told him to delete our photos, but he just hide it. So, I still can see the pics. Maybe he wants to date me again?

Yesterday, i delete him on fb, told that i want some space and asked him to delete the photos. Today i said that i wanted to return his book, and he said i can keep it with the doorman because he is not at home tomorrow because he is going to visit a friend. haha! Tried to tell to him how i feel about it the breakup, and he said that when i deleted him, he would have some peace. lol
It is obvious that he doesn´t want to talk about, and maybe doesn´t want me back. But i need help on this because i still have feelings for him.
What it is your opinion about this? What should i do?
Another thing: i did a bad thing when i deleted him of my fb list?
Another thing i forgot to add: he ended the relationship on messenger...


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  • he know that you care about him... so he keep you as an option, not as friend.
    your job is give to yourself the respect that you need, not just waiting for someone else to give it to you.
    you've to accept his leaving as a chance to live your life as you are.
    show him that you're worth it more than gold... but without him.

    Good luck...

    • i was thinking about this... to show him that i have my values and respect myself more. that is why i deleted him. why would i want to "be friends" with someone like that? he is a jerk.
      thanks for your advice! :)

    • I'm glad that you're started to know the difference between the salt and sugar.
      u welcome.

    • Yes, i am. :)

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  • It's over and you won't remain friends even if he's the one that days that lie. Just move on

    • He wants to be friends hahah. It was treating me like nothing happened and being an asshole about my feelings. That´s not cool at all. Just tried to be nice and said that i will do pass on an exame that i have to do it next month. Worst moment ever to break up with someone. He´s so selfish...

    • "Let's be friends" is always a lie and an impossibility

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