Boyfriend just doesn't care anymore?

I'm sick of always coming last, sick of never being his priority, him only ringing me once in a bluemoon when he wants advice or someone to moan at.. We were meant to be going out tonight for a meal and he's busy all day and the last thing I said to him was let me know in the morning if tonight is still on.. and nothing, so I cancelled the table.
I'm just sick and tired or coming last in his life


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  • you don't have to stay. that relationship give you less than what you deserve and that's not love.
    real love don't cost anything or making you trying.. and real man won't make you change yourself... but he'll make feel better about yourself.

    don't make an effort to stay... or you'll lose all the chances to live your live..(when he's gone).

    Good luck...


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  • why dont you express your feelings towards him and tell this to him, maybe things get more easy when you tell all this to him

    • I've tried but he tells me to "shut the fuck up and stop moaning on and on" then I end up feeling like a nag!

    • then leave him, dump his ass, and find someone else, because you deserve better.

  • Kick him to the curb. Simple.

  • Then leave


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