Fiance said and did/doing some mean things... is it time to move on?

I support him (cigarettes, clothes, food, "trees" (sometimes), and other things) and have been since we first got together. We met on Plenty Of Fish. He has no job, smokes "trees", is lazy and has been caught on two dating sites since we've been ENGAGED (zoosk and chirplr, recently, too!) His excuse? Someone's consipracing against him!! He breaks his promises over and over again that he'll find a job but he won't stop smoking "trees" !! Even though I've told CRIED TEARS and begged him to please stop so we can live by ourselves. I've lost 77 pounds and am officially UNDER 300 pounds !! (I now weigh 298) And will NOT stop until I'm 150-170 pounds and am planning on to going to CNA school when I'm 250.

We live with his dad, sister, and her husband. Im the ONLY one that pays rent and brings food in the house. Not fair, right?

On Christmas 2015, his dad told him infront of me to buy me something for Christmas and gave him $50 and he never did... I had to get my own engagement ring and bought our wedding rings.

Then one night, I was crying when his female best friend happens to stop by, he said "shes here" (meaning for me to stop crying) then he pulled a chair for her to SIT by HIM !!

He knows what kind of messed up childhood I had and he never cried and he cried for HERS. Yes, HERS. And I'm HIS FIANCE!!!

I'm going to another state in 5 days and thinking about never returning. Should I do it?

I'm 23, he's 30.
Fiance said and did/doing some mean things... is it time to move on?
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