Girl friend broke up but still wants to talk and still thinks about me and stuff I said whe we dated?

My girlfriend who I might online broke up with me a week ago but said she will still talk to me because she likes talking to me. I found out she was talking to some other guy before the breakup and kinda acussed her of cheating. She got really mad and told me he is just a friend and she would never cheat. I asked her if she likes some other guy now and she told me she dosent. I asked her if she thinks about me still and she told me she still does. She said she sometimes thinks about the things i used to say to her when we were dating. I still feel like she likes me. She dosent want me to leave her alone or anything. She said she broke up because it wasn't working out. I believe it was. I still feel like she likes me. Why else would she think about me think about the stuff I used to say to her? I dont know what to do.


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  • I find tha twhen Two people have Split up, There is some His and Her History tha tStill Marks an X in the "EX" Softie Spot... A har dhabit to break.
    She probably just wants some space for now, may have felt she needed more room to breathe and just wants her Freedom as a Free bird. However, I am sure if Truth would be Known, She wishes she could have her Cake and Eat it Two with You.
    She knows you would never go for her Being buds with Others so in Keeping you around to be in her life, she is most likely Hoping one day perhaps, She would have Spread her wings, done what she want, And you just may take her Back... Who knows.
    Right Now, I Feel the Deal Is... She is looking for Friends with You.
    Good luck and For now, Focus on you. xx

    • *I need now a new keyboard, sorry for the letters, they are sticking. lolxx

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    • oh it was nothing lol... i wonder if like she"ll fade away from me as time moves on... i doubt it tho... she tlks to me everyday..

    • I think for Now, anyways, as long as you both are connected together, you both will either grow together or could grow apart, depending on what is in the cards for both of your lives and how Mother Nature wants it to go.. do not forget, You too focus on you. xxoo

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  • She can like you, and she can even want to be with you, while still recognizing that it's a bad idea. And if you flipped out on her and accused her of cheating just because she was exchanging words with another guy (and I'm assuming it wasn't anything romantic or sexual), then yeah, she probably doesn't think a relationship with you is going to pan out.

    Jealousy is okay in measured doses. It shows that you care and that you don't want to lose her, but accusing her of cheating over her chatting with a guy friend just makes it look like you're blaming her for insecurities that you don't know how to handle.

    Honestly, this is going to be really hard to fix, if it's even possible, all you can really do is show her that you understand how wrong and stupid it was for you to react the way you did, and the rest is pretty much up to her.

    And unfortunately, instead of doing that, you're making things worse. Give her some space, stop asking her questions about whether or not she thinks about you or whether or not she likes other dudes. That's the kind of insecure shit that caused her to dump you in the first place. Give her some space, and then tell her how YOU feel about her. If you haven't done it yet, apologize for being the jealous, insecure asshole that you were. Tell her that you understand how wrong it was to have treated her that way, and then leave it at that.

    If she believes that you're sincere, and that you understand how you fucked up, she might take you back.

    • I did apologize and. she said it was okay and she's heard worse. I told her i"ll leave her alone but she told me not too...

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