URGENT: After the break up, what can I do?

Details: almost a year with this girl. while we cared a huge deal about each other, she was constantly trying to break it off. We had amazing moments as well as bad moments. But it became emotionally abusive. I would be the one who would pull her back into the relationship. She would call me a liar, think I'd cheat on her, and even kicked me out of the house. Because she has a mental condition, I was like "I'm the guy that stays and I want her to know I'm here". Well, the disrespect could only go so far and a week ago, I told her to start respecting me after she said "I'm better than you". After deciding to go on a break, she called me and said she wanted to be a better girlfriend. Then, right out of nowhere, she starts calling me a child and irresponsible when I CANCELLED my plans with her after I respected the break and told her I would be there a couple hours later. I had it and didn't respond to anything. She broke it off and for the first time, I didn't go back. She made three facebook posts, one facebook live, messaged my mother, and texted me to no end before blocking me on facebook.

I'm hurt because I cared a lot about this girl. I had a future with her. And as I know this will make me stronger, there is a negative void as well as a relief (from not feeling abused) that makes me sick as I go back and forth with what I feel.

I am in finals week in college close to graduating.

How can I stay a float these next few days? I need support.
URGENT: After the break up, what can I do?
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