Cheating in a long term relationship?

I am 21 and in a relationship nearly 3 years, I have never cheated and never ever wanted to cheat, until recently...

My boyfriend and I have always had a very one sided relationship, he's a flirt and always misbehaving although I don't think he has ever cheated (but I am not sure) whereas I am the quieter one who wouldn't go out as much etc...I moved to the UK in September for university and met a boy here that I can't stop thinking about, he is so not good for me and I know it but I can't help fantasizing about him, I just want him, I think its just sexual and I don't want to get too hung up on it (well more than I am at the minute) if I have sex with this one person and get it over and done with maybe I will appreciate my boyfriend more? and will want to settle down again? I am a horrible person for thinking this I know, but I don't even know who to ask because our university friends are starting to make comments that me and my friend I fancy are flirty :( please help...


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  • its up to you, what people won't know won't hurt them but it depends how you will feel afterwards, you may feel sexual towards this guy but what happens when they sexual frustration is gone and you wake up later on or next morning next to him, will you feel find ro worse for doing it.

    • I see your point, but if I do wake up and feel guilty then I will know that my boyfriend is the person I should stay with, but if I wake up an feel ok then I would know that I shouldnt be with him and would need to tell him that...feel guilty even thinking about it, but I get so excited when this friend touches me,..I have been pondering it for a few months and not done anything, if iv stayed away this long maybe I can hold off till summer and then I will be with my boyfriend and not see the lpool fella?

    • Sounds like a good theory to try out, good luck, if you have any other troubles, add me as a friend and chat to me sometime on here

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  • Maybe you should go on a break? You said your boyfriend is always flirty and misbehaving so I guess he can't say anything if you do it too.

    • He always was like that, in the first year of our relationship he was a total s*it to put it bluntly...I have said I want a break but he says I only do that because I want to leave him, that isn't true I do love him, just from all angles it seems that life is too short and everyone is having fun but I'm not, my big sis says why be in a relationship ull regret it, my mum is terminally ill and I can't even be at home with the ones I love? maybe its that making me think like this because its not me! :(

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