Boyfriend acts like he hates me?

he's 27 and i'm 25, we've been together a rocky 2 years on and off. We've both hurt each other, but never cheated. last summer was when it all changed, we went on holiday and the minute we got back he began treating me like shit.
I've never been in a relationship where I feel like my partner actually HATES me so I don't know how to react.. I've been waiting it out to see if it changes, but the more I hang around, the more hate builds up inside him towards me.. and I don't know why?

Its mostly just games he plays with me, games he knows will get to me and upset me, but he does it in such a nasty way.. Its like he's got two personalities. Whenever I try and talk to him about it he tells me to "fuck off , moan moan moan.. thats all I hear from you is blaaa.. like a drone in my ear" ... I'm supposed to be the girl he loves, but he treats me nothing more than shit on his shoe :'(
Boyfriend acts like he hates me?
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