How I do get over this breakup?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago and I'm having a really hard time getting over it. We were only together for around 9months but we spent pretty much everyday together he was my best friend and the way he did it and the reasoning for him doing it has nothing do to with him not wanting to be with me anymore. I keep asking him just to tell me that he doesn't want me anymore so that I can hear it from him and move on but he won't say it and says that that's not why he's done it. He just keeps telling me he pushes people away and that's just what he does. Knowing that that's not why he's broken up with me and that he still loves me makes it even harder. I'm not usually the type to get so messed up over a guy but I just don't understand why he's done this so suddenly and unexpectedly. Any advice on how to get over this would be so appreciated.
I just thought I should add that when we broke up he told me he was just stress about life in general, he has a lot of work on his plate and he was telling me he doesn't even want to get up in the mornings. Is he maybe depressed? He had been a little down for a couple weeks before we split. If he really does still love me why would he push me away. All I want to do is help him but how can I if he won't talk to me and keeps pushing me away.
And to top things off, I think I'm pregnant.


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  • He could be afraid to get hurt? Being in a relationship implies a certain amount of vulnerability that he may not be willing to face. If you're willing to face the drama, arm yourself with a deal of listening skills and a looot of patience

    • I'm not really sure how to go about helping him without pushing him even further away. The only communication we have is maybe one text a day if that. I don't want to keep calling or texting him and seeming needy but I really want to help him through this

    • Not wanting to get up in the morning is generally a sign of depression. Maybe he should see a professional.

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