Askng ex girlfriend if she still cares about you?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me a week ago. She said she still has feelings for me but there not tht strong anymore. She still thinks about me and dosent want me to leave her alone. She still thinks about the stuff i sai to her when we dated. She said she wants to be freinds. I just want to know if i can ask her if she still cares about me?


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  • Probably, though as she mentioned, 'not as strongly'... It's not an off an on switch, rather something that fades off with time.

    • i doubt tht she will fade away... she still talks to me everyday..

  • That's rough, man... she broke up with you and still wants to be friends? Do you want that? Sure, you could ask her... but what would that do for you?

    • well i mean... I don't know lmao

    • Things can get tricky when you're still in contact with an ex. It sounds like she still cares for you and still wants you in her life. Have a think about whether or not you want the same.

    • Well she still cares about me so I mean i guess we can be friends.

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