It's been a month, my ex has a girlfriend... but he's still talking bad about me?

So, me and this guy talked and then eventually started dating in the time period of about 2 months. Whenever we were talking, it was only 3 months after I got out of a 2 year relationship so I was still pretty heartbroken. Eventually I moved on from my ex (he treated me bad) but my new boyfriend always thought I was putting him (my ex) before himself. Whenever I was with my new boyfriend, it was the happiest memories of my life and we both really liked each other. Like it was just so happy and I would relive those dates we had if I could. So, while we were talking his "ex" came back. I say "ex" because this girl and him talked 3 months before and she friendzoned him because she thought he was gross. So anyways, she comes back in his life and they're friends again... but I'm like okay really lol. They didn't date, and so like it was so obvious that she was gonna try to get back with him. So long story short, my boyfriend and I got Ina fight and he kept using that against me (like the fact that I was still friends with my ex but got mad when his ex came back in his life) and eventually broke up with me. 5 days later, he starts dating his "ex" and tells his best friend (who is my best friend) that he loves her... he also talks so bad about me every single day and says that I'm a b**** and that he hates me so much and would never want to be friends. However, he also tells our friend that he wants to hook up with me and gets mad whenever I say no. So.. I really have no idea what to do or what to think.
It's been a month, my ex has a girlfriend... but he's still talking bad about me?
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