He lied. Should I block him or let it be?

When I met him, he told me he broke up with his girlfriend already. Because we like each other so we go out once a week and then we kissed and had sex. When I was with him his girlfriend always called him, like a thousand times a day and he said it was annoying that she calls. I feel strange, normally if it's already his ex, she shouldn't be like that. But he said he broke up, just his ex is too annoying blabla and she still tries.

Then, just now, I found out that the facebook profile of his "ex" changed into him and her lol. So I think he lied to me apparently, he made me into a third person and I even didn't know that.

Should I block him? Is he a person that can't be forgiven?


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  • Block him. He's a cheat and liar

    • Hey, thanks for sharing your opinion. But do you think he is telling the truth? Maybe he already broke up but just his ex still doesn't let him go? He said he broke up some weeks ago

    • I don't trust him

    • yes true, I don't trust him anymore

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  • I wouldn't just cut him out of my life completely, I would also send his current girlfriend a message explaining the situation. Maybe she needs a wakeup call on who she's really dealing with, although I'm sure she suspects.

    • No that girl is innocent, maybe they can still be together. She likes him too much and I really don't want to see her get hurt

    • exactly, because she is innocent she needs to know. do you really think he won't cheat on her again with someone else? she deserves someone faithful and so do you. She'll suffer more in the long term, you could save her from wasting her time.

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  • That's pretty messed up. Block...

  • I think you already know the answer, don't you.

  • Throw his sorry ass out to the curb.


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