How did you or how would you go about getting your things back?

I Broke up with a guy many weeks ago. I am trying to be nice and once a week I will message him about getting my stuff back. He will say he will soon. Then nothing... I'm starting to get frustrated. We have no interaction other then this. He also knows I will cut all contact once I get it.
  • Nice reminding text once a week
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  • Tell him you need your shit right NOW!


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  • "C" for Stalling.
    He is Obviously procrastinating here, dear, making lame duck excuses for you Not... Getting your things back.
    I am not totally sure what he is quacking about. I am assuming he is either Hiding something with your Special stuff Or... He might be Hoping against Hope that you and him Get things Back to the Way We were.
    You may have to go to his house and knock on the door and Pray that he Comes to his Senses by telling him "None of this is making any sense."
    Good luck. xx

    • What do you mean by hiding something with my stuff? He went silent since I broke it off. If he wanted to get back together he would have said something by now I'm assuming? He temporarily lives with his parents, who I never met, so that may get awkward and I was kinda wanting to avoid that...

    • I am wondering if he even still has your stuff or did he hrow it away? This is what I say by "Hiding," I feel he is procrastinating as to why he will not let you come and just get your stuff back.
      Sometimes also Actions speak louder than words here, dear, where this not letting you come and get your stuff, means a chance for another "Let's go back together" again romance or even to be together as Friends for awhile.. In other words, he could have a silent motive for keeping you guessing and not letting you pick up your things right now. Maybe his parents have talked to him about things before closed doors. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • show up to get it and have a big (ger) man there with you (like a friend or brother) to protect you while you collect

  • Just show up at his door step one day and and get a friend to help you out.

  • I would just tell him to get it ready so that you can come pick it up. Give a specific day and time.

  • Just go round and get it. Take a friend and take no shit just tell him you're getting it whether he likes it or not


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