How would u feel if u found out your ex died from an overdose?

I do not feel much we dated three years ago.
He had hurt me really bad, I never had anyone hurt me so bad, but we did have some good times. Another ex girlfriend of his told me he passed away three days ago from a drug overdose, and says she knows he hurt me really bad, but he was a good person dealing with some demons. Yet I feel nothing, is that normal. I told her I was deeply sorry. Is my reaction normal. I just feel like karma caught up to him.


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  • My ex and I ended things on really bad terms. I did go through a long phase of hating him with a passion, wishing that karma would catch up with him, the works. Eventually, I realized that even if that happened, I would be equally as hurt. Unless there's a way to turn back time, nothing would really fix how I felt.

    In other words... I'd feel really sorry to hear that. No sense of redemption or anything, though.

    • Yes I felt sorry he passed, that's a really bad way to go. I felt like karma did caught up with him at first. I knew he used in the past, but he was a psychiatrist for Christ sake. But sometimes pain can be dampened but the effect lives on.

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  • If someone hurt you that deeply then it's not surprising you don't feel empathetic when hearing of their death. It may seem cold or insensitive, but I can relate. If I heard of my ex dying I would be indifferent, because the pain he caused me and the horrible things he did to me doesn't give me any reason to sympathize.

    • To this day he was the only man I ever loved, and I just felt like oh whatever. I thought I was being cold, but I guess my feelings are normal. Thanks for the input.

  • i would feel terrible.
    sorry to hear. I'm not sure if ur feelings are just numbness or that u dont care, so it's hard to say. i also wouldn't want to justify this death by calling it karma. all i can say is i hope he is resting in peace. xx

    • Yes, I guess I got angry at first for how he treated me. Now the reality has hit me he is dead, and I feel sorry for thinking that way, and I pity his family.

    • i understand. my condolences.

  • I wouldn't view it as Karma , good and bad things happen to us all.

    It's sad when anyone dies in such tragic circumstances. So although it wouldn't affect me like it would if I still loved him... I'd still feel sorry for his family and for him.

    I guess if someone has treated you badly it's understandable that it wouldn't move you with pity.

    Sometimes your own pain is so deep rooted that you can't see past your own pain. So don't be too harsh on yourself. It doesn't mean you are a bad person. Sometimes our own hurt can impair our own emotions to other peoples hurt or tragedy.

  • If I had been in your shoes I would have also felt indifferent towards this news cause your ex left soaked away every ounce of emotion you had for him.


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