Why do people lie to themselves?

Was together for 6 years. Recently broke up and he started talking to someone else. In the beginning of the breakup he was very hostile towards me ( even tho he broke up with me) and i was just so heartbroken. Lately he's been giving me mixed signals talking about how much he misses his family ( we have a child together) and taking interest in my love life and reiterating to me that the "friend" he's seeing IS NOT his girlfriend. One second he's really nice and then it seems like he realizes he's getting too close and attached again and he starts to act like a asshole again. Its confusing. I just need help with what i should do. I want to be with him so bad again but he says we aren't getting back together, but his actions show otherwise sometimes. Should i just move on?


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  • Yes move on

  • wouldn't call it lying, call it more confusion. its like he wants to get away but he's tethered to you because of the kid. and he wants to be a father but that involves you. confusion, and that can sometimes lead to frustration which is expressed with anger.


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