Guys, why do you only want what you can't have?

Was with my boyfriend 1.5 years. For the past 6 months he treated me like dirt - and I was too in love to question it. I'd go weeks without seeing him, because he'd bin me off for nights out, turn his phone off and disappear until a day or two later then expect me to be lovey towards him. He's told me i'm a waste of time and space, that i'm a bore to his life, that he doesn't have time for me anymore and that he wish i'd fuck off for good.. oh and that he's going to fuck other people.

This has broken me as a person, I used to be a strong minded girl who spoke her mind, but now i feel like an empty shell.

Lastnight was the final straw, the cycle repeated - we were supposed to be having a nice evening just me and him, and he ditches me last minute.. and makes me feel bad about it (how I have no idea but I ended up apologising).

I told him I was done and not to contact me, he spent the night texting me, accusing me.. then today texting and calling me.. then the minute I reply, I get nothing.

Why is he playing games? Any insight would be good!
Guys, why do you only want what you can't have?
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