EX thinks we will date again or not?

My ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago. She said she wants to be freind and that she likes tlking to me. She still cares about, thinks about, has feelings for me but not has strong has they were and dosent like anyone else (assuming she still liked me). We tlk everyday still. Two days ago i told her tht i guess she isn't my girlfriend anymore and it"ll just be a dream for her to be my girlfriend again. She said,"im sorry". Does tht mean she dosent think she will date me again or does it just make her feel guilty about breaking up?


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  • Could be both bit most likely she is sorry for breaking up.

    • Well I mean how do Ik if it's actually her feeling sorry for breaking up lol.. well I mean yesterday I said something to her tht I would've said when we were dating and she replied normally... like the last time I said something like that she just said oh... this time she actually responds normally

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    • well guess she wants u as a friend.

    • yeah probably

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