Why did my girlfriend break up with me for no reason at all ?

Ive been in this relationship for 4 and a half years . I've gotten used to her so much that I can't think of a day without her . I recently shifted from that city . I'm suppose to stay for a year over here as I am working . she recently called me one day and told me that she doesn't see a future with me and she can't talk to me again . And this was the same day she returned from her college trip from Malaysia . Which gets me even more curious . she told me she is confused .


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  • I wouldn't assume there is another guy, as cam1423 suggests.

    I'm willing to bet she went on that trip and had fun, sure... but she probably also discussed her current long distance relationship status with her friends. And chances are, her friends encouraged her to call it off, stating the ever-so-common "long distance never works" phrase.

    She's probably overwhelmed thinking about just how much work this long distance thing may be, and how it may actually fall through.

    Just give her time. Do *not* assume there is someone else unless you have a more legitimate reason to have such a suspicion.

    She's scared, has a lot going on, and her boyfriend of 4 1/2 years just left and will be gone for a year. She surely needs to do some processing.

    Maybe she will realize that she loves you, and distance or not, you guys will make it work.

    Or maybe the move will cause you two to realize that you are not meant to be after all.

    "Distance does to love what wind does to fire, extinguishes the weak, and ignites the strong"


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  • this is what I think... she found another guy, that she likes. So she is confused on who she wants to be with, and she probably broke up with you because she wanted to be single to hangout with this guy, so she wouldn't be cheating. And I def think its another guy, because its very suspecious with her college trip and how she came back. that's wierd. or maybe she realized she had fun at malaysia, that she wants to be single to mingle with other guys. So either way she's confused.. of one of the two things I think it is. She doesn't know what guy to chose or she wants to be single and do stuff with other ppl, that it confuses her if she wants to be with you or not. Well if any new happens let me know because I could be wrong but that's what I think. and ill help you out. but best luck.

  • well yea I would be confused also because if something happened on that trip and I felt bad or something. you couldent live with your self.


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  • You basically just stated the reason why she broke up with you

    "I've gottten used to her so much that I can't think of a day without her"

    You gotten used to her and didn't remain a challenge causing her lose attraction towards you


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