Second Chance, telling him how I feel?

So I want to know if there could ever be a second chance between us. I feel like there could be, but you never know. We broke up a month ago and it really upset me because we were so great togther and had a lot in common, wants and values etc. He closed himself off from everyone because of stress for basically a month due to no job and other aspects upon that he told me h was not feeling what he thought he should which I found weird because b4 he fell into this stress things were good and he told me how amazing I was and he was happy. We were happy exploring new places and enjoying our company. He also told me he felt like we were not connectin something his fault again for closing off i believe. Upon the breakup he's the one who initiated contact with me. First is started the first week after the breakup to see how I was doing and then the next week and then after that a few times a week. i also initiated after that a few select times. Since the breakup we did have sex 2x. I know not the best move but he still contacts me and he does not straight up ask for that. We talk about random stuff. So I am asking if there could ever be a 2nd chance. I am going to tell him how I still feel for him and see where he stands because if he only wants that I am not up for that.
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If you vote for either or can you give me a reason why or why not? Thanks! some people would say yes and others not a chance and they are all usually different so I want to know why


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  • May I ask what the other aspects were to made him feel more stressed other than not having a job?

    • Something with his car insurance. It was a big fiasco they were charging him for months wrongly for a car accident which in turn turned into a big thing where he had to do a bunch of things. He also was dealing with some family issues and the fact that his money was dwindling down. I saw one night his mom left like 1000 dollars in his room and she told him it was to hiold him over. He tried to give it back to her because he didn't want to take handouts.

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  • How many times are you going to ask the same question by posting it over and over? Just accept the responses you already got and ask something different... please! You're killin me.


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