So... what does a guy do when a woman he really liked and thought he was compatible with tells him that he's too good for her?

And that there's someone out there better for him? I don't even understand what she's talking about...

Is she just not in the right place emotionally to have a relationship?
I think I'm never going to open myself up to another person again.


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  • perhaps she doesn't feel like she could fall for you, but sees what a good person you are. usually this just means she doesn't like you in a romantic way.. nothing to get upset over, you can't force love.

    • We WERE romantic and even intimate.

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    • well, I hope you meet a nice lady to be honest. Being single is lonely, I've seen happy people turn into really miserable pricks when they decided they wouldn't date anymore. it's not good for you

    • Repeated heartbreak isn't good for me, either. I'm better off walking away from the game.

  • he should start the seduction campaign to win her heart

    • It's too late for that...

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    • baby if you don't open your heart that is sad we all need love

    • The first woman I dated (who was already a friend from college) friend-zoned me after a few days because I was too clingy. The next woman (also a friend from college) friend-zoned me, too. My first actual relationship ended after 2.5 years and a 3 month engagement because I would have had to change everything about me to make her happy (she was a traditional Catholic). Now, I get dumped for being too good of a person. I'm done with this.

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  • She's telling you a white lie.

    She doesn't find you attractive and doesn't want to be with you romantically, and she doesn't want you to think of her as a bitch if she had told you the truth.

    • Everything was just fine for a month. We even were happily intimate. She was about to cry when she told me all that. I could hear it in her voice. She had also mentioned offhand a few weeks ago that she was "kind of a commitment phobe."

    • Yeah... dude, it sucks...

      But you deserve a woman who wants you. Move on.

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