Crush Rejected me, what do I do?

I devolved a really strong crush on a girl,

I really thought she felt the same way, but she didn't.

She rejected me...

I just feel horrible, Am I not good enough for her? What is wrong with me? She could probably do better than me? I am just a loser?

I really loved her, with all my heart... and I am nothing to her, just another loser...

She will find love, be with another man, who is a lot better than I...

I feel so rejected what do I do?

The second problem is, If do find a girl... She will be better than both of us... I will feel horrible knowing she is better than me and another girl I am dating...

I am really down, should I ask why she rejected me? Why am I so pathetic to her?
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Crush Rejected me, what do I do?
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