He says he loves me, but isn't IN love with me anymore?

I was in a long distance relationship - we met in person in February and when I went back home he was really opening up and telling me his feelings towards me. We eventually got in a relationship and he would always tell me how in love he was. Well, I went to visit him last week and then after my visit he started distancing himself, hardly would talk with me, and never said he loved me anymore. I kept asking what's wrong, but he would come up with some excuse. Well, finally I decided to break up with him because I knew he wasn't into it anymore and that's when he told me that he only saw me as a friend and he doesn't love me anymore. He said he has no idea what happened. Why would he feel like this? What can change a guys mind so quickly?


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  • This might be new to you but feeling can change. Maybe he did love you, but now he's not.

    As for why, maybe he saw something he didn't like.


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  • LDR Are one of the Hardest to Have and to Up Hold and To... Hold on. Things can certainly go Dead in another Direction from One's heart from the Start. It takes Two to tangle and Two to Tango and a lot of Team Effort from Both Partners.
    It seems here, dear, You both never really had a Chance for a Real Romance with the "Distance" that may have Not been a Stone's Throw, but it just Threw a Monkey wrench into things. He got Discouraged and it then Encourage you into Breaking it of with him.
    If he has told you he 'Loves me,' But not 'IN love with me anymore,' He never really knew you enough to be 'IN love with me,' He simply Cared enough about you to Hope for the Best from the Rest and that you both could One day Have... A Real Relationship that would Last.
    I know all about LDR First Hand with my own Man. I still have a husband out in Egypt that I never returned to, But do know that No matter What, My own Heart will never fall Apart with having Stopped loving Him... Apparently I was not "IN love" with him Enough to love him Unconditionally.
    Good luck and I'm so sorry that things didn't work out. xx


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