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So this is very ironic, but my grirlfriend and I had a dramatic end to our relationship about a month and a half ago and I've been avoiding her ever since. My causin in france has offered to let me come live with him and his family for awhile after high school. I have a passion for adventure so im considering going, i talked to my band about it and such so no problems occur. These are my best friends so...

I was avoiding her on principal considering what was said. Our school has been doing these student concerts for us bands to show our stuff, something fun. They have 2 every year, a battle of the bands and a love song concert of sorts. My band members dragged me to the love concert a couple days ago which was suspect but meh... at some point they get up and leave which was more suspect. My ex gets on stage and my band walks up with her and im like "wtf is this?"

Apparently, she went to them asking to help her with this cover she wanted to do at the Love Song Concert. Very cliche, but i swear it happened. We were all friends so when we broke up they were still friends so i understand why'd they help. Apparently they told her what i planned to do.

They played a rock version of Taylor Swifts "I Wish You Would" song... and they were pretty damn good, must have been practicing behind my back which makes sense now that i think about some of the things they were doing before the concert.

She sung with pashion... now the problem is, i do still love her. And considering she was never into rock music to do this... I'm conflicted now. Do i swallow my pride and go back with her? Do i stay? If i go, i know it's gonna be over, period... what would you do in this situation?


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  • Get back together with her, for a girl to go out of her way and make a grand gesture says a lot


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  • As far as effort goes, she put her 100 into it. Im not saying anything but just keep in mind she was willing to do that.


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