Can you get your ex boyfriend friend if they swore at your at work?

unfortunately there were no witnesses. he basically got away with saying 'I don't give a shit about you'

at work. and I was ignoring him.
now he is acting all friendly , after I've told my manager about his behaviour.

this ass broke up with me in a horrible way so I don't see why he had to swear at me afterwards.

one of the boss' comment was 'that we should all work together'

it has nothing to do with that. it has to do with language.
i met to write can you get him 'fired'


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  • Well... First of all, this is why relationships at work are usually a bad idea. When it doesn't work out, this is what happens, and it's not good for ANYONE who has to be around either one of you at work.

    Secondly, you've broken up with him, it's over... He doesn't give a shit about you, and you shouldn't give a shit about him. Get back to work and ignore him.

    Are you actually hurt by him using a word that may or may not be appropriate at work, or are you mad at him for breaking your heart and trying to get back at him?

    I say harden up and don't let words mean so much to you. You got into a relationship with a co-worker and it didn't work out, this is what happens. You could find a new job, see about getting transferred to a different department or try and work when he's not working, or just ignore it and move on.

  • Be an adult, Jesus Christ. People who dont like each other say nasty things to one another, get over it.

  • No, people swear at work all the time, it's part of life and language. Get real.


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