How to get over a bad breakup?

My boyfriend has been ignoring me lately and it hurts a lot and I just feel really sad, hurt and like shit right now because I really did like him and stuff. he never texts me anymore, the only way we will talk is if I text him first, he never asks to chill anymore if we ever wanna chill I'm always the one to ask and for example today we were supposed to go to the movies because I asked him if he wanted to go yesterday and he said yes he did and today I message him asking if he still wants to go and it's been over 1 hour but he hasn't answered it but yet he's been online on Facebook for a really long time and he's still online which means he's probably just ignoring me


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  • It's not easy to deal with a perceived change in attitude in our partner and of course you're asking yourself if he's breaking up "without breaking up" and how long should you wait etc etc.

    As long as you're "over there" trying to figure the other person out, however, you will be in prison. You can never be happy if you're occupied with guessing another's motives.

    You can never say what's in another's heart. I don't care how long he's on Facebook or how seldom he returns your tecxts. You - can - not - know - another's heart.

    Focus on your own spirit, do something else for a while, try to think about something nice. Don't knock him, or yourself. just focus on being happy with YOU.

    Hope this lifts your spirit a little :-)


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  • Don't let this guy determine your happiness. The only way to solve this is to tell him how you're feeling. Prepare instances in case he tries to shrug off your claims. Communicate your feelings or he will continue to treat you this way. If he feels like he hasn't changed... leave him before he dumps you.


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  • So are you broken up? I'm confused? If you aren't then maybe the best thing to do is to just ask him if he enjoys spending time with you or rather what type of things you guys can do that he would enjoy more. I mean are you fair about your activities or do you choose everything you want to do. Maybe you just need to open up a bit and start asking questions.

    • I don't know if we are because he won't talk to me. Well what we usally do when he wants to hangout or when he wants to see me is he asks me to go to his place all the time. And for this movie for example he said he wanted to watch the movie before that's why I asked him if he wanted to see it

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    • I try to do that with him but it feels like he doesn't want to

    • I'm thinking of messaging him saying this what do you think?
      Hey I noticed you've been acting kinda different lately and I don't know if I did anything wrong but if I did sorry. And I just don't wanna mess things up because I really like you and care about you and stuff and if you don't like me anymore or something like that please let me know because if you just ignore me instead that would hurt w lot more than if you just told me the truth and you know you could talk to me about anything too. Anyways hope everything's okay with you and I just want you to be happy so I'll be okay with whatever you decide but I just need to know the truth

  • Sorry bud. The best but hardest thing is full on No Contact. So block them or delete your accounts everywhere I. e. Social media, your phone, email, etc. No contact also includes not looking them up online to see what's new and even blocking mutual friends. This will allow you to heal, you take your power back and turn the tables while sending them into panic mode. Your indifference will be unsettling to them. It will be attractive. When you erase people from your life it drives them crazy but, it is the best thing for you. One day you'll look back and laugh at how minuscule this was. Love someone and save those special things for someone that will love you back. Don't give it to someone that makes it seem like you're hard to love. Take pride in yourself.


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  • Quit texting and chasing him! You're making it so much worse. He'll definitely never come back with that tactic.

    Get on with your life and yourself. Let him be. He can't miss you if you're always initiating contact. Also, it looks like you have no self respect. He clearly doesn't want to talk to you if he's not initiating contact.


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