Would you tell your ex?

my ex and i don't speak, but we don't hate each other.

however, she tried to get me jealous with the guy she is dating, what she doesn't know is that the guy is texting and calling my "date" 24/7.

should i tell my ex? she has no clue and i think she would feel even more stupid at how she tried to get me a jealous with a man that is more into my girl than her.


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  • Nope. This has nothing to do with you. If you do tell her, you'll risk your "friendship" with her, your date and the guy might think you're a gossiper. Let her figure it out on her own.

    • i'm not friends with my ex , i made it clear we can be something or nothign at all.

  • No. Stay out of it. Don't be petty and don't find reason to talk to your ex.

    • well the guy is texting my girl and flirting with her and she feels uncomfortable. i want to confront him to stop and my ex is getting played by him.

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    • Why would I want her to get hurt? I care for her and we are not in bad terms plus the guy is flirting with the girl I'm dating. Of course I'll tell my ex. What's wrong with you? Why would you want your ex to be hurt?

    • So as I said, you just want to play hero then. If you care so much about your ex that you would involve yourself in her relationship, you shouldn't be dating anyone new.

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