Girls, My ex girlfriend always sees my snapchats. What does this mean?

me and my ex girlfriend of 7months in a ldr, we recently broke up do to her thinking that im stalking her on Facebook through a fake account which thats pretty pathetic, i broke up with her because i didn't feel wanted and also she changed a lot of her comunication towards me she will take days to reply, i broke up with her and out of the blue she turned the table around telling me that she doesn't want to keep going on like this blah blah and she said that im a waste of time, she went from being harsh to soft at the end telling me that im a great guy you should be happy you have to, so i told her block me if you want me to never talk to u no more and she said no. Which i know that she does still cares cause im that type of guy who will accept a good woman with a baby. I promised her marriage and everything i told her that i was going to move to her city she was all happy and i was to but now we stayed as friends but we dont talk to each other at all its been a month and im here all confused lol. So this is the camper when i ever i pit something on snapchat she's the first one to view them and when i do put something up she puts something aswell. I put stuff that im doing and she puts randomly videos like recording the ceiling fan just random things lol, do u think she's seeing if im all over her stuff or what kind of game is she playing with me?


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  • 1. You aren't friends even if you want to say that. 2. She isn't playing any freakin game. She is looking at your snapchat and then doing nothing okay. You are overthinking it and hoping there's some hidden meaning but there isn't.

    • Well she said lets be friends so I don't know what to say about it. And also she told me to never leave her her because i am a total completely different person from all the guys she dated before me.. And also she's my first so i dont know what to do now im completely lost

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    • Should at least ask her how she is its been a month?

    • Just move on. The relationship is over and it won't help you to stay in contact.

  • Let her go. She sounds immature. When I look at my ex's Snapchat, it's usually because it's on auto play. In her case, it sounds like she's trying to keep tabs on you. Her uploading right after you is because she wants you to see how good her life is without you. She's probably miserable. I did the same when my ex and I broke up. Eventually I blocked him so I didn't have to see him anymore. Block her if you don't want her back.

    • Well i do want her back in my life

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    • First you have to ask yourself, are you ready to be in a relationship with her again? If so, are you willing to trust her? You need to be single for a while and don't think with your heart, think with your brain. You have to be logical and realistic. Communication is important in LDR. If she doesn't have the decency to text or call back the same day, is that something you want to keep dealing with? I know you miss her but it sounds like she has control over the relationship. You need to take control. Don't give in if she honestly doesn't deserve you.

    • Hey, well i managed to talk to her and she does reply but she's being hot and cold, the very recent text i asked her hows her family and her response was- GOOD GUSTAVO- and I don't know if its a good sign that she is willing to keep comunicating with me or not.! U think she is still irritated by me

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