What can this mean?

I have this situation with my ex and I can't help obsessing about it. She broke up with me a month ago after 5 months. She said she feels she owes it to the father of her child to try to work it out. Throughout this month she has been giving me a ton of mixed signals, telling me to move on one moment, calling to tell me she loves me the as recently as Friday. While we were together I was writing poetry for her. So I bound all the poems in a book and left them on her desk this morning. I just wanted her to have them but it wouldn't bother me in the least if reading them started us on the road to reconciliation. She tells me today that she wants to talk to me about the book, but she wants to do it in person, but can't do it today and wants to wait until tomorrow. If she were really happy about the book she would have talked today right? Wanting to wait until tomorrow can't be good news, can it?
What can this mean?
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