Why does my ex boyfriend act like a jerk to me?

He broke up with me 4 months ago. Our break up wasn't bad, no one was screaming. In fact there was a moment where we laughed at a song (mad by neyo). He said he was coming back the next day to gather his things and say thank you to my parents. Well, he didn't come the next day. In fact I spoke to his parents and gave his things back to them. His mom was crying and his dad was visibly upset. He really has made no effort to tie up any loose ends. I insured a vehicle for him and it took him two months before he asked a friend to ask me for the title. He also didn't tell me when I could cancel my insurance, so I ended up paying for an extra month. More recently he's been going around me, asking out mutual friends if he can take things from a car that I own. I have also seen him at the bar. The first time I bought drinks for him and a mutual friend he was with. He didn't say thank you and tried to break up me and my mutual friends conversation. The next time I saw him I said hi. He said hey back but didn't give me any eye contact and walked further past me. I'm just so upset with everything he's done post break up that I may be overreacting about the things that happened at the bar and what not. But I want unbiased advice about this. Thank you!
Why does my ex boyfriend act like a jerk to me?
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