His stepmom talks shit about me, and he took my friends away out of love, so I could only talk to him?

My boyfriends parents don't like me and they make it very well known. His stepmother makes fun of how tall and skinny I am, she tells him in front of me I look like a bag of bones, she makes fun of how little I eat, and that I'm a vegetarian, she thinks I'm too stupid to catch on, when in reality I'm just too nice and a little bit of a push over. I've talked to him about it and he says I need thicker skin and that I am too skinny but I'm lucky to have him, but he knows I've dealt with eating disorders and he just yelled at me and told me to eat and not be a skinny bitch. His step mom says I'm using him, and that I'm the reason he failed out of college because I was a distraction, but I've managed college, a full time job, and to pay my own bills, and manage my social life; but she will STILL insist I'm ruining his life. What I don't understand is why he won't say something to her; he lets it happen, and I can't tell my friends because he doesn't like them so he spread lies about them to my parents and I'm not allowed to hang out with them, but he said it was out of love... any suggestions on what I should do?


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  • Time to move on... You don't need this shit... I would have told them all to go straight to hell by now...


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