The one that got away for now. Anyone experience this or tell their ex how they felt?

Anyone ever feel that their ex was the one that got away? If so did you tell them and did it ever work out for you that you got back together? I'm dealing with that now with my ex. He's an amazing guy and we had a blast with slot in common etc. very similar. Things were going great until he fell into a lot of stress. He was having a hard time finding job, money was low and a bunch of other things were going wrong. So much that he closed off from everyone including me for almost a month. Texts were far apart he put himself down etc. upon the end of it he told me he wasn't feeling what he thought maybe he should and that he felt we were not connecting which I find to be bs and such because we're just fine before all this. So we broke up and he was he one to initiate texting after the bu. The first week then the next and a few times a week. i then initiated a few time. We did have sex 2x but it was never straight up asked for like a bc would. Well anyway I still miss him terribly and we still talk and I don't know what's going on between us because some days for me are better than others. I felt like he was my person and we could grow together and build. He basically is the one that got away and the one that's hurting the most now. Not per say that he's away but as of now we are not together. I don't know why on my heart I feel like there could be another shot with us but I'm not sure. Do I tell him how I feel? I feel like I just need to get it in the open and if nothing happens then hey arleasr I can say I tried and it's his loss of nothig comes from it. So should I tell him? I don't want to go my life saying what if.. Like what if I said something and it turned out for the better?


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  • Depends. If it looks like an obvious move to get him back it could backfire. But you may need to get this out in the open so that you can move ahead or move on.

    • I feel like I have nothing else to lose. It can either turn good or not. Like I said since the breakup he has been initiating texts with me and I with him sometimes. I have also been giving him his space, but just talking randomly like before is not helping. it just makes me upset because I want it to be official again. So if we can't get back to that then i am not sure that I can continue talking to him like this

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    • He probably wants to get back together soon. If not you'll never know unless you discuss it with him. No need to fear awkward rejection, because youve already have been with this guy before, so it's not like you'll be risking the friendship.
      I think we often get back together with exes because we realize only realize what they meant to us after they're gone. When guys stay friends or remain in contact with exes, it sometimes means that we want to be around, just in case something happens that can get you back together

    • Well I hope so, like I said we have been in contact but not every day it every second and he usually initiated besides a few times where I do. I usually do not stay friends with my ex's as it is hard for me. Or don't but sometime down the road can start talking to them again. Here we still talk which is hard for me because there are those feelings still and to me he is the one I feel myself growing with and I feel like it was a mature relationship where we didn't need that constant lovey dovey stuff but maybe he thought we were suppose to have that and that's what caused him to say he wasn't feeling what he thought he should. If it was completely over I would think we wouldn't talk. so I really don't know with him but to me I feel like it can happen again but you never know. so opening my mouth is the only Option and if it doesn't work now so be it maybe. Sometime he will realize what he had if he doesn't want it.

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  • Here's the thing about men, if they want something they go for it and they stop at nothing to get it. If he is not knocking at your door then chances are he doesn't care for you the way you think he does. Basically what you described above are not real reasons to keep the two of you apart aside from him sounding unstable. I would do your best to move on from this. Cut ties with him for a little while if necessary. It sounds like you have a big heart you deserve more than what he is capable or willing to give you at this point.

    • Thanks! what do you mean the reasons? The reason he gave me such as not feeling like he should or connecting? I feel those are not valid since like i said things seemed fine before. Maybe he just needs to get back on track. I am not chasing him but I will get my feelings out and if they are not reciprocated then i can't continue to talk with him prob because it hurts talking like we did before.

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